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Crack Your Egg:
The Egg is a metaphorical construct your psyche that captures your unconscious emotional wounds and patterns of limiting belief, self-sabotaging behavior, negative thinking, destructive habits, coping strategies and defense mechanisms that keep you small and block your ability to thrive in life.

This training helps you dissolve these inner obstacles at the deepest possible level, and create the emotional stability, psychological flexibility and spiritual growth to unleash your full power, potential and fulfillment, so you can be your best possible self in any area of life.
Heart-Core Power:
The energetic power of the human heart has been demonstrated to be 5,000 stronger than that of the brain - clearly a difference of epic proportions. This training helps you unlock and control your heart's 'mind-blowing' power, so you can get on the fast track toward manifesting the life you want.
Harmonic Money Mastery:
Without realizing, your unconscious instincts and personality style greatly affect your relationship to money and abundance.

By understanding your personality style you can align yourself with it - by playing to your inherent strengths and minimizing your weaknesses - in order become truly effective with money.
Fear to Power:
More than anything else, the one thing that holds us back in life is fear. Especially in today's world, fear unfortunately seems such a behemoth that it can seem next to impossible to step out of it, much less let it go.

This training not only helps you get a handle on fear, but also helps you actually transform it into the ability to stand strong in your own power, so you can stay calm and connected even in times of crisis, and perform at the top of your game no matter what life throws at you.
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